About Us

Get Creative

Customize it your way! Show your thoughtfulness by adding your own personal touch.

High Quality

We offer laser engraving on products that will not peel away like vinyl decals and will not fade like printing. We will be adding more print options in the future.

How we are different

Our engraving is all done in-house. What that means is shorter turnaround times, lower minimum order quantities, better pricing, and a TON of customization options.
We choose USA suppliers unless requested.

Fast Delivery

Please allow up to 2-10 days for the customization process. After we finish your custom work we do our best to ship your order as fast as we can

What We Do

 In 2022 we opened Slate to offer Customizable Gifts, Employee Appreciation Gifts, Corporate Gifts for all occasions, as well as products for Events and Promotions. We use USA Suppliers and Distributors, and all of our engraving and designing is done in house. We offer many personalized products with the hopes we can make your gift the one they will always remember.

We are driven by values

We want you to be happy with your experience with us. We work hard to give you our best from our product descriptions, sending you mockups to make sure the only surprise is seeing how amazing your gift turned out in person! Thank you for your support.

Wrench set shop

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